Cards or Cakes?

One of the biggest complaints I hear from parents is that children are reluctant to do home practise. For my little friends learning speech sounds, I send them off home  with colourful pictures and a recommendation for a daily practise regime. While repetition is important, it IS boring, and I appreciate the fact that there are many other things that children (AND parents) would prefer to be doing.

While pictures play an important role in my therapy sessions, I always try to include an element of fun. I mix it up with activities that I have tried and tested with my own son. Since I am not the most creative of mums, I take inspiration from those that are and turn to Pinterest for ideas.

Learning should be fun, and why should learning how to speak be any different? For those parents who have children currently working on a particular sound, have a look at the lists of words your therapist has advised you to practise, then head over to pin interest and see if you can find an activity that both you and your child will enjoy that includes those words or phrases.

Here are a couple of my favourites:

  •  For the ‘k’ sound

Words: CaKe, maKe, CooK, deCorate, Cut, pinK, sprinKle

A delicious looking treat prepared by a lovely little client
  • For the ‘s’ sound

I first saw this one on a placement with an amazing clinician, Megan Scheriha, and have since found an even more elaborate version. This one takes a little preparation the night before but the benefits are worth it.  I purchased my sea from a $2 shop.

Words: Sprinkle, Salt, Save, Sea, Seals, Starfish, Sea horSe, Seaweed, Squid, Sting ray, OctapuS, Swordfish,  Squirt, reScue,  Spoon, iCe

My son Oliver ‘Saving the animals’
  • For the ‘sh’ sound

This book was given to my son for a first birthday present.  It is a beautiful book with picture cut outs to create torchlight images on the walls.  The same can be done with a stencil and a sturdy piece of cardboard.

Words: ‘Shine’ and any picture you feel you can cut out of cardboard, perhaps a ship, shoe, or shape?IMG_2103

  • For ‘sp’ clusters or perpaps minimal pairs of ‘spider’ versus ‘cider’ try this friendly looking spider!

Happy practising!IMG_2610

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